Protecting The People You Serve

Mishandling or exposing criminal justice records could result in grave consequences for individuals “in the system”— and for our justice system as a whole. The FBI’s CJIS Policy protects sensitive information by setting standards for information handling. Compliance to CJIS policy is evaluated at least once every three years.

Lifting the Burden Off of Criminal Justice Entities

When it comes to IT security, CJIS standards are high—and the burden for compliance falls squarely on the shoulders of each entity. Law enforcement agencies often have limited funding to properly train employees and secure data, making criminal justice organizations prime targets for cyber criminals.

Corsica Technologies is committed to providing advanced security solutions at an affordable cost, giving criminal justice entities and vendors immense value for each dollar. Regardless of financial constraints, working with an experienced company is more important than ever in defending valuable data.

Security as a Service for Entities Subject to CJIS Compliance

The services below can be utilized “a la carte,” or, our business development team can design a plan that integrates a number of services to better your compliance standing. Each staff member working with your systems has undergone a fingerprint background check (Policy Area 12) —even auditors, though that isn’t explicitly required at this time.

(Policy Area 2)

New school online coursework paired with simulated phishing to shrink your greatest attack surface.

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(Policy Area 13)

Security monitoring and data loss prevention for your mobile workforce.

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(CJIS Policy Area 3)

A dedicated team to respond to network intrusions and contain threats.

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(All Policy Areas)

An audit “simulator” — your processes are evaluated against all CJIS policy areas. With a clear executive summary in hand, your team is empowered to make changes according to your timeline.

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(Policy Areas 3, 4 & 10)

Your network monitored 24/7/365 by dedicated cyber security professionals, enabling you to record event logs, detect advanced threats, and report/respond quickly.

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(Policy Area 10)

Encryption of your data in transit and at rest to preserve the sanctity of the records in your care.

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The Corsica Technologies Difference

We aim to understand where you are, where you want to be, and help develop a path to get you there.


Vetted and Approved to Work with CJI

Our team has undergone the federal requirements for working with and around CJI systems, including fingerprint background checks. We also bring a culture of experience and professionalism to our work with federal and government agencies. We feel more like an extension of your team than an external partner.


Experienced Government Partners

Corsica Technologies can assist you with pre-audit preparations, post-audit remediation, and ongoing security for the wellbeing of your agency. If you aren’t located in South Carolina or Georgia, contact us about CJIS services in your state.


Dedicated Point-of-Contact

We are transparent and accessible to you throughout our managed service relationship. Our Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) bring 5+ years of experience helping organizations implement cost-effective security strategies.

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