Here’s the thing with this “About Corsica Technologies” page…we think that probably the most important thing we can tell you about US is how we can help YOU. Because that’s why we exist – to help you, to reduce the stress that comes with managing and keeping up with technology, and to let you focus on what you do best which is to run your business. We all know that technology is important, but you can trust us to make it a priority.

So here are the things about Corsica Technologies that matter to you:

We know (and love) technology.

Our leadership team is experienced (over 20 years doing this) and extremely technical, so the high standards that we follow come from the top down. That is a very good thing for our customers. Having a very technical leadership team also means that they are innovative and forward-thinking, always looking for ways to do things better today than we did yesterday. The result is that our customers are partnering with and getting really good “big picture” advice, guidance and support from a very smart team. And they love this stuff!

We’re available 24/7.

Long gone are the days of a 9-to-5 operation. People don’t just work Monday – Friday anymore. So when we decided that IT support service would be our business, we also decided that we would be available 24x7x365. See, we’ve been there and we know that servers like to go down at 2 a.m. and sometimes presentations need to be printed at 5 a.m. for the 8 a.m. meeting. So what good are we to you if we can only help during traditional business hours?

And when we say we’re available 24/7, we literally mean that actual living, breathing technicians are sitting in our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring your system and waiting for your call.

Our average response time is less than 1 hour.

And that’s the average – many times a call to the HelpDesk gets answered and resolved immediately. The point is that we respond quickly.

And we do that because we understand that when you are calling in for help, it means something isn’t going well for you. Our job is to fix that for you.

We want to make your day – heck, your work life – better and responding quickly is just one of the ways that we can do that.

We’re local and we don’t outsource our services.

When you call Corsica’s Tech Support team for help, you’re getting a Corsica Tech employee. We don’t outsource our after-hours support center, our on-site team or our Network Operations Center. We own it, we staff it and we manage it.

What does that mean for you? That the Technician who answers your call at 2 a.m. is sitting in the same office as the Technician you called at Noon.

We are an extension of your team.

We may not sit just down the hall, but we consider our team to be an invested partner in your business. Because quite honestly, that is the formula that creates a win-win scenario for both of us.

You get great service, and we get a great customer. We aren’t in business just to react to your problems and walk away; we want to fix the problems, stop them from happening again, and then look forward to what we can help you do proactively to maximize technology in your business. If you can gain a competitive advantage using technology, then we are happy computer campers.

Awesome people work here.

Sure, everyone says that and we hope that everyone else really means it. We KNOW we mean it because, well, it’s true.

We don’t just hire warm bodies to fill seats; we hire smart, dedicated, ambitious people. And then we tell them how they can move up and show them what their career path could be, so that they have something to work towards.

We also hire people who like helping other people, which is a great thing for our clients.

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